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Single Issue Voter is a transformative Political Movement that started in 2021 as a response to aggressive anti-crypto language that was included in the "Crypto Tax Reporting" amendment.

What started as a response to an attack on our livelihood has turned into a movement to ensure the USA is a part of the future instead of the past. We will fight to defend Bitcoin, PoW mining, and the digital asset industry in DC and across America.


There was a strong outpouring from the community to create a simplified avenue for voters to get in touch with members of congress so they can have a an impact on the process.  That is why Single Issue Voter developed and deployed a tool for Bitcoin and Crypto voters to "Connect with Congress".


Please use the tool as often as is necessary. Every letter sent has an impact on those in office when they decide how they will write legislation and vote on bills that impact our way of life.


If you want to learn more about what Single Issue Voter is doing reach out via email and connect with the team. 

-Dennis Porter 

Election Campaign
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About Dennis

Dennis has a background in political organization and campaigning. He is highly focused on building a coalition around protecting Bitcoin in the USA. He is especially concerned with PoW mining and ensuring the mining industry is protected from government overreach. 

To get in touch about speaking or political
consulting he can be reached at

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